Soft hues

I came across this first image of such a soft sitting space I just had to do some digging to find out where it came from. Turns out it is the loggia of the super chic Iris of Irideeen, a blog filled with amazingly stunning decor and styling ideas. I just love Iris' taste, everything is so soft and gentile yet functional, just looking at her home makes me want to drop everything and rearrange my shelves and tabletops. Her home is filled with such wonderful design its hard to believe she has little ones running around! I've been drawn to really bright spaces lately and the more white furniture and vintage pieces the merrier. What type of decor are you into right now?
And speaking of fantastic design, check out Iris' sister's amazing wedding, such a charming event mixing vintage typewriters and papers. And that dessert table, hello fabulous.
photos via irideeen