Abby try again

Oh how I love it when I get on blog tangents, it opens me up to so many great blogs out there that I just fall in love with and bookmark right away, and boy did I find some great ones today!  I'm not exactly sure but somehow I stumbled onto Abby Try Again an amazingly colorful and beautifully styled blog written by a lovely photographer with a delicate eye.  I almost squealed with glee when I stopped by her shop.  Oh how I heart photography.

AND, if you are totally into her photography like me, she has another blog she keeps updated with her awesome point of view, Portland Places as well as This is not my work where she gushes about who inspires her.  I totally bookmarked all 3!

all photos via abby try again

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abby try again said...

Hi there!
Thank you for this super nice comment about my work and my blogs :)
Happy Weekend and I hope I will see you around blog world!