Alicia Bock

Always a fan of beautiful photography, I just couldn't stop looking through the hundreds of photos from Alicia Bock.  She has a wonderful collection of people shots, but it was her fine art that drew me in.  Each and every shot seems to tell a little story.  Everything is so soft and warm, I just want to jump into a few of these with a cool glass of cucumber water.  For even more loveliness, you have to check out Alicia's blog, Bloom, Grow, Love.  Gorgeous.

Can I just say I love the title of the shoe shot, "Hello Ladies"!

all photos via Alicia Bock's portfolio.


a lovely evening said...

i've been a fan of alicia's work for a while now. her photos are serene and perfectly composed. i bought her 2010 polaroid calendar for my sister. she loved it!

Monica said...
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