Weekend recap

How was your weekend?  Hope it was relaxing!  Boy was I a busy little bee over here in Venice.  I don't normally get all, look what I was up to, but just had to share.  It started off early, the husband and I decided to do a major redesign of the patio, so off to the nursery we went.  A few card swipes later we are now the proud owners of an avocado tree, raspberry and blueberry bushes, a rainbow tomato plant, artichokes and varies herbs!  After hours of painting our new seed beds, it was time for a very late lunch.

So off in the car we went, in search of a mighty fine veggie burger.  Halfway there the husband announced he had a surprise for me, but we had to go straight there.  I just wanted food.  Because of my grumpiness lack of food energy, I was so not feeling it.  So we grabbed a sandwhich and headed to Loyola Marymount University.  He was taking me to a Third Eye Blind concert.

I have always joked about how they were my first concert (at UC Berkley) way back when I was 15, and here I was, 11 years later still remembering every word, at another college. Not knowing were to go, we just followed the herd of drunk college students stumbling their way along.  Luckily, the husband and I apparently look and dress exactly like students so we blended right in, me in my bright orange and blue adidas (bought them in Japan!) and him in his hipster graphic tee and sunglasses.

Let's just say, they were better the first time around.  We knew we were old when we had no idea who the headliner was, but stuck around to find out.  Whoa. Have you heard of Steve Aoki?  Neither have we.  I have never seen so many hipsters fist pump in my life.  I tried to get video but was being bounced all over the place, but here is a little taste of what  he is like.  Not going to lie, for the short time he was there, it wasn't that bad, in person, as long as you're into the whole club/electronica thing.  Plus, it was free!! It was seriously a sight to see, but we were done after 10 minutes.

This is why I couldn't get any video.  From the actual concert:
(careful, you might get dizzy!)

All in all, fun was had, even if I was grumpy pants at the beginning.  Hey, I was hungry.  What did you do?


Yolksy said...

hahaha! I love Steve Aoki! His performances are just filled with crazy energy and can definitely see how if you weren't expecting it you would be out in 10! I totally wish I would've known about it! I did a Beat Boxed article on him...check it out http://design-milk.com/the-beat-boxed-steve-aoki/

Monica said...

It was just a strange combination, Third Eye Blind and Steve Aoki?? We may have stayed longer, he had a short set. I couldn't get over the crowd, I've never seen a DJ live with this kind of music. And yes, he was a "freaktabulous DJ"... the more I listen to his stuff, the more I like it!

Anonymous said...

Hi, you don't know me but I came across your flickr photos from March 14's concert at LMU and I'm wondering if you know who was playing guitar for third eye blind? If you or your friends know the name? I know it seems like a crazy question but I'm curious to hear. If you wouldn't mind replying my email is haunted_seas@yahoo.com Thanks so much UnaJ