Now that's thrifty

Over the weekend, the family decided to go garage sale'ing together.  We had done our homework that morning and searched for the sales on craigslist (I had no idea you could find them on there!) and all headed out.  My Mom, cousin and her husband and youngest daughter, the husband and I and of course the dog piled into my Mom's suv and took off in search of brightly colored signs.  And did we find some great stuff!

The husband and I walked away with some fun treasures that are still in search of their permanent home.  We nabbed these metal cutters for $2.  The husband just had to have them, you know for all that metal cutting in his near future.  Lets just say I am searching for the perfect place to display them.

I scored these awesome glass bottles for a dollar a piece!  Each have 'Solution Magnesium Citrate' imprinted as well as a warning 'not to be refilled'.  I'm planning on using it to store twine or ribbon, perhaps a small flower bud would survive.

We also grabbed these wooden boxes, a dollar each, as well as this typing table.  Which by the way was totally free!  It is simply fabulous, and the perfect size for wheeling around for a portable table.  The aluminum lunch box was also a freebie thanks to the parents.  I always find such cool things just laying around in their garage.

On this trip, we also grabbed 2 records for a dollar, the husband got some seriously nerdy magnetic game for $2, a bag of tennis balls for the pup for free, and even found a wooden bridge for our garden left out on the side of a road.  We just had to brave the giant spider that decided to appear once we were packed into the car and driving.

Now that the weather is getting nicer and nicer, you can bet all the garage and estate sales are going to be popping up everywhere.  I would highly recommend stopping by and just taking a look, you will never know what you find!!  Not only are they cheaper then shopping at stores or even flea markets, its a great way to find out a little more about your items.  Everything has a story.  And in case you were counting, we spent a whole $9!


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Bows and Sparrows said...

I want that typing table - great find!!!