Going along with my current kick for anything white and delicate, how fabulous are these ceramic, porcelain and art pieces from Mara Skujeniece of Studio Skujeniece. Based in Amsterdam, Mara creates each piece with inspiration drawn from her Latvian roots.  You can find a few of Mara's items on sale here, or you can find contact info on her site for pricing.

The 'Homeland' crockery collection has a lovely handmade touch with hand drawn shed designs Mara created as an homage to her hometown.

The 'Hyperbowl' uses two different sized bowls to create a wonderfully patterned dish that can be changed from shallow to deep.
Loving these little models of sheds. I used to spend hours upon hours gluing pieces like this together for college, but mine never came out with this much character!
via style files. all photos via studio skujeneice

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