Unique LA Spring show recap

Its Monday, again.  Isn't it funny how fast the weekend goes by?  I sure did have an eventful 2 days, the husband and I dropped by Unique LA on Saturday, and oh was it a shoppers dream.  Although, we has some serious issues that day.

The husband and I got on our newly fixed scooter (to save on parking and gas!) and made it in record time to downtown.  I hopped off, and the husband sped off to park.  That's where everything went downhill.  After finally parking, I had to open up our storage space, and low and behold, the key wouldn't turn.  Not only was it the storage compartment, but the entire ignition decided to quit on us, with the key stuck inside.  Yup, we were stuck in downtown Los Angeles.  After some serious deep breaths and "its not the end of the worlds", the husband made a call to the guy who fixed it prior and he actually came out to save the day.  An hour later.

So off to shop we went.

The show program, designed by L.A designer Keith Scharwath.  This graphic also donned the free tote given out to all the shoppers.  I love Unique's totes, I've been sporting last years "local only" bag around town and am constantly stopped and asked about it.

Creative displays make so much of an impact for the shoppers.  Not only does Homako have a colorful and imaginative table, their wares were pretty impressive.  Made from fabrics and felt, Homako has a wonderful collection of accessories and jewelry.  Oh how I wish my camera was a little better in this light, sorry for the blur!

So about the time we made it to the Lerf Ewe booth, we got a call.  The scooter guy was here to help. We ran down to meet him and his easiest answer... break the ignition off, "It will still run".  Um ok.  I don't know about you, but this did not seem like a sure fire way to get my husband and I home 15 miles away.  Not wanting me to have to worry about it, the husband took off for the house and left me to shop.  Everything would have been fine, except, I somehow left the house without my cell or an atm card.  So here I was wandering aimlessly without any connection to my husband (I had know idea if he was broken down somewhere!) or money! Lets just say, those free drinks, chips and candy samples were my lunch.

Back over at Lerf Ewe, a pottery and jewelry shop run by Klai Brown, things started looking up.  We had purchased two of her mugs last year and love them to death.  The husband uses his daily!  One of ours had sprung a leak, and upon hearing this, Klai insisted it be replaced.  Now that is awesome customer service! 

Another fun display, Paper Pastries created a great focal point that drew me into their booth.  If you are looking for paper goodies, look no further and stop on by their shop.  

After wandering for what felt like forever, I took a seat under some fun bunting and waited.  And waited some more.  I had no idea what time the husband left (remember no cell) and I was getting tired of waiting in our 'designated meeting area'.  Remember those days without cell phones, yeah me too and I hated it! After about an hour and a half, the husband resurfaced and on we went, to spend money!

It took me 2 hours to figure out what I wanted to buy (a print I could not for the life of me find again, I left a little heart broken!) the husband snatched up a tee from Timber! in less then 5 minutes from walking through the doors.  Although it was easy to see why, Timber! has a great collection of tees with a very detailed, woodsy type of look.

Even though we had some difficulties, the day was a huge success.  I walked away with a few gifts, some insanely amazing butter crunch candies from Pop Candy, a few freebies, and hand fulls of business cards for even more purchases. 

And P.S, thanks to the break down, I walked around the show for 5 hours!


HelloMyNameIsDave said...

Timber was one of my favorites!!
-Dave (Mustachio)

Monica said...

You guys had some pretty great stuff too, but somehow I didn't snap a pic! I did walk away with your card though!