Up and coming

Photography may just be my best friend.  Over the weekend, I took a trip down memory lane when I came across piles and piles of black and white photography I took in high school and college, odds are if I wasn't shooting pictures, I was in the school darkroom learning new developing techniques.  Some were clearly taken from a teenagers perspective and some, well, I brought them home to hang on my wall.  If only I had access to a darkroom today.

Anyway, I am a sucker for all forms of photography and can easily spend hours scouring tumblr and flickr for inspiring images, colorful vignettes and home decor or even lovely shots of florals.  Last week I stumbled upon a photostream belonging to Merphi, a talented little lady from the Philippines.  Each photo is filled with color and fun, the way a teenager should see the world.  After contacting Merphi, she just informed me she started selling select images, so go check out her shop as well as her photostream for some wonderful shots from around the world, or say hello over on twitter.  Support those up and comers.

photos via merphi

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