Etsy top 3 Tuesday

Time for a spin around the homemade land of Etsy.  Each week, I am blown away by how talented folks are across the world.  And how amazing is it that we can even purchase something from unknown artists in cities you have never heard of!

Starting things off today are the lovely paintings and prints from Leaves and Feathers.  Faith, owner and fantastic artist, has a wonderful eye for color combinations and detail.  You can find prints, including wood mounted prints, stationary and even a few totes.  I am just loving "Our Love" (the yellow one below)

Next up are the tabletop lovelies over at Dishfuls of Doodles.  Each piece is handcrafted by shop owner Mary Gallimore out of Wisconsin and are ready to display.  I love the organic feel each gives, and the modern color combination, fantastic!  

And last but certainly not least are the hilarious illustrations from Julia Pott.  They are so unique and interesting to look at, seems every time I look I notice something different in each image.  Do check out her site, it has amazing animations, illustrations, her blog, and a sketch book!

all images via etsy shops

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