A little DIY project to perk up the weekend

Need a super quick, easy and cheap centerpiece for this weekend?  If you've got about 30 mins and 4 bucks, you might want to give this one a whirl.  I got 2 vases from the 99 cent store and hated the gold look it had.  Armed with a can of white spray paint (which I got at a Walmart of all places for a whole 98 cents!) and a tube of white puff paint (any craft store, usually runs between .80- $1.50), I settled down to pretty up these guys.
I like the freehand look, so I took the puff paint first and ran a bead of paint over each line, making the dips even more dramatic.  After it dried completely, I took the spray paint and gave it a generous coating on the outside.  It took two coats.
The final result, a stark white vessel that actually fits with my decor!  I love them and again, its only $4!  The best part of it, I can change the color so fast.  I can just imagine this a nice blue with a bouquet of bright red blooms.
And a little flower arranging tip:  If you are using blooms in a short vase like above, use floral tape (or if your in a pinch like I was, regular clear tape works) and make a grid along the top.  Place the stems inside the squares and the tape will hold them upright instead of letting them droop over and creating an open space in the middle.

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