In need of color

Its been ugly all morning and I was in desperate need of some color.  I've been collecting jars, vases, canisters for the last few months in excitement of beautiful summer displays, and simply cannot wait to pull them out.  What do you use to display flowers?  My favorite vessels are my bikini vase and teapots, makes the flowers a bit more fun! Just a few lovely shots that have fun ways to display our colorful blooms.

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Anonymous said...

I particularly love the Harney's tea tin. I love their tea and always keep the tins to use in photo shoots. I haven't put flowers in them before, but now I can't wait to!
On another note, Mr. Harney could not be sweeter and more interesting. I interviewed him a few years ago and for the interview he invited me to breakfast at his Connecticut home, where he made us soft boiled eggs and the perfect cup of tea!

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

I always kick myself when I bring home flowers that I don't have more vases. Really I think these ideas are so much cuter than a nice vase. The best part is that you don't need a ton of flowers to do it either.

Monica said...

You can also use tape to make a grid on the top for even better control of the buds. I like to use it with shallow vessels so they don't fall out.