The Nate Berkus Show

If you know anything about Oprah, you know her designer go to guy of 8 years, Nate Berkus, very well.  Known for his impeccable design style and hair, viewers have been going crazy for his home makeovers and slight Southern charm.  He not only turns high end ideas into affordable spaces for homes across the country, his line for HSN is full of items to transform any room.  And his name is about to get even bigger.  Launching his new show, "The Nate Berkus Show", September 13th on NBC.
Thanks to the lovelies at Moggit, they have declared today #Nateday.  With the aide of Twitter, the moggit girls managed to score not only a tweet conversation with Nate, they convinced him and his producers to fill an entire audience with design bloggers.  Oh social media.  You can see a list of all the Nateday bloggers here.

And with that, a few of his spaces that are oh so beautiful from his home, and a project he did with fellow designer Anne Coyle.
all photos via elle decor 


BKLYNcontessa said...

Love it Monica!!! Looks like we have all down one except miss @bowsandsparrows ... did you see Meg's!? HILARIOUS!!!

BKLYNcontessa said...

ha! got to love blackberries and the most obnoxious automatic spell check ... and by down, I meant done!

Marcia Zia-Priven said...

Love the post and the tip of the hat to the Moggit Girls. They're terrific and we owe them for this one! Excellent photo finds!

jozen said...

i LOVE nate! i also love your blog! so glad i found it!

if you get a chance hop on over to mine and enter my giveaway!


Creategirl said...

thanks for joining in on our NateDay! This office continues to be my ultimate fav!

Monica said...

What a fun #Nateday ladies!