Now that's tiny

While browsing through Apartment therapy's small, cool 2010 home contest, I came across Beth's Sausalito CA home and winner of the teeny tiny division.  And oh is it tiny.  At a large 365 square feet (standard 2 car garages are usually bigger!), Beth has a space that looks so inviting and charming, I would move in in a heart beat.  With amazing natural light, a flair for fun and colorful artwork and a knack for space saving ideas,  its easy to see why this home won.  A few ways she made her space feel even bigger: the red ottoman is used both as a small tabletop and extra seating.  The television is small enough to fit into her shelving system hiding it when not in use as well as the mirrored backdrop in her bar unit.  Mirrors are always your friend.  You can see the entire collection of Beth's winning space here.

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