Goode Green

There truly is nothing like being able to grow your own fruits and vegetables.  While I am still a beginner when it comes to gardening, (I still get goosebumps every time I have to look up a bug) being able to actually watch something grow and knowing it isn't sprayed with buckets of pesticides is invigorating. Not to mention the incredible taste.  I have always been a lover of rooftop gardens and when I came across Goode Green, a design and instillation firm based out of New York, my jaw dropped with each click of urban beauty.  Their projects are stunning, and with proper set up, not as high maintenance as you would think.  

I have learned a few things when planning out a garden, and believe me, it is beneficial to plan it out.  The husband and I have spent hours google-ing what types of plants work with others, as some act as bug repellents for others.  We are in the process of pulling out our summer crops and are getting ready for fall goodies, so there is still time for you to get things growing.  
Is this a gorgeous view or what! 
This before and after is a 6,000 square foot organic vegetable farm that is part of a farm to fork program where they teach everyone the ins and outs of farming.    
photos via goode green


Haley (thezenofmaking) said...

I generally prefer order and organization, but that wildflower roof is amazing!

Monica said...

I am the same way Haley! But for some reason, when it comes to foliage, the more the merrier in my book. How fun would it be to take a stroll in that after a long day!