Happy Weekend

Oh happy day, its Friday.  This week went by at a snails pace for me and I had a million things to get done.  My parents are coming for a visit today and are staying the weekend and I have been getting my place spic and span for their arrival.  To give my brain a little break, I took a stroll through my favorite tumblr sites and found so many lovely photos that inspired me and put me at ease.   I mean, how fun would be to wake up from a nap to this!
I bet that corner window has the most amazing view.
These little guys reminded me of one of my favorite movies, Alice in Wonderland.  I think I have seen just about every adaption of that film, and these cups and saucer just scream tea party.
Let the creativity flow.
No one or animal is safe in this economy.
I hope you had a productive week, and just in case you didn't already know.....
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