Scraped knees?

Earlier this month while at Venice's First Friday event, my husband and I met Jerri from Style Spotting, a style and pop culture blog filled with fun ideas for everyday fashion.  She loved the husbands DIY knee patches and even snapped a few pictures.  These are super easy and add some serious sturdiness to those a little accident prone.   Knowing my husband would tear right through any fabric I had, we took a trip to Diamond Foam and Fabrics to have a look at upholstery fabric.  After deciding on a color palette, we snipped away our free samples.  Giving it a decorative x stitch completed a small detail that was totally worth the work and pricked fingers.  I made these about 3 years ago and almost every time he wears them people have stopped to comment on how 'cool' they are.  Who knew?  So don't give up on those old pairs with big holes, get creative and break out those scraps of fabric.

And don't mind Uli, she loves the camera and practically insists on being in every shot.


Janet said...

Awesome idea - I'm so inspired by this and now regretting that pair of jeans I threw out because of the revealing rip in the bum.

Not many dudes could pull off this look with as much flair as Evan!

Monica said...

Bummer! Upholstery fabric would have been perfect for that fix! And yes, Evan is full of flair... did you notice his Mohawk?

Jerri said...

It's so funny that I caught him mid-bite. Yes flair, with or without a curly mohawk! Janet, so cool that you liked this, too.

This was fun and hope our paths cross again in Venice.

Evan said...

It's me, the Pant's owner. I love them so much, I would marry them if I didn't have to go through a messy divorce first.