A sweet tradition

With wedding week (or two weeks) coming to a close, I thought it was only right to showcase a few sweet treats from here and there.  Choosing the style of your wedding cake can be difficult, there are so many directions you can go.  From modern, like this circular yellow one, to rustic to candy, there are so many options out there now for couples.  And I love that desserts are now taking center stage and are even branching out from just one cake... just check out that second one down, a cake, cupcakes, berries and pie!  Yum!!
I love this idea of having writing become the decoration.  This couple chose to let personal details of their lives together adorn their sweet treat, and leaving it white on white makes a subtle statement.
This one might not be a wedding, but still a fun idea for a dessert bar.  Using candy is a great idea if the bride and groom aren't so big on baked goods.  Plus, you can get candy in any shade, so there will always be something to match your color scheme.
This one is actually my wedding cake. We had to leave it completely white due to the vegan frosting, apparently color runs really bad, who knew.  I ended up using a wonderful black fabric trim to give the cake a contrasting color.  I also took into consideration that when the cake was cut into, it would become colorful as we got red velvet cake with raspberry (pink) and cream cheese (white-ish) filling.  By the way, not one person could tell a completely vegan cake from a regular cake... and many went back for seconds!
How fun would this be for a picnic or garden style wedding.  I am loving the idea of using different kinds of pies as the main cake, because who doesn't like pie!
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I love that yellow cake - so pretty!