Happy birthday to me

Tomorrow is my 27th birthday and I thought I would pull together some of my favorites, you know, in case I win the big one.  Although I bet my chances of winning the lotto would be a little better if I actually played.  Anyway, if I did have serious cash to throw down on goodies for me, I'd snatch these babies up in a heart beat.

How do you celebrate your birthday?  I'm starting off with a vegan cooking class with a friend and then the husband and I are both going to make my cake.  Because lets face it, he can barely make spaghetti, and I actually want to eat it!  And as a present to me, he's doing the dishes... he just doesn't know it yet. I am also extending my b-day celebrations and will be headed out to Disneyland next week with Erin and am super excited.

1.Choco tape dispenser  2. Recycled bottle votive 3. Hair accessories 4. Whisk me away dress 5. Boogie woogie heels 6. Eames molded chair 7. Angelique mirror 8. Zumi digital camera 9. Night and day sofa

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Bows and Sparrows said...

I want almost everything on your want list!!! I hope you win the lotto for your birthday - then you can buy two of everything and give one to me!! :)