One crafty stylist

While working on cleaning out my bookmarks and folders (a seemingly never ending job!) I came across two images I had set aside for later inspiration.  It wasn't until I really looked at them and realized, no wonder I liked them both so much, they were styled by the same person!  After a little googling, I found Shana Faust's styling portfolio, and boy, does she have a great eye for photos!  And with a title of Deputy style editor for Ms. Martha (yes, the Martha) herself, Shana really really knows her stuff.  Ah, beautiful spaces just make me so relaxed, if only those spaces stayed that way after the photographers and crew leave.  I always take away so many ideas from photos, whether it be a great vessel idea for tabletop flowers, or how to crop a photo, there is always something to learn.
photos via shana faust

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