One mans trash....

Months ago while on an early morning walk with the dog, my husband and I came across a garage sale that had this beat up table for $5.  Originally it was white-ish and was missing a drawer and had several imperfections, but with a little elbow grease, we figured it would make for a great project.  Sadly, we were in our walking pj's and didn't have cash.  The day went on and that night we happened to drive by and saw it sitting there on the curb waiting for the garbage truck, no one else thankfully saw its potential!

Unfortunately I forgot to snap a picture in its 'as is' state, and this was after our first attempt at a color.  Lets just say, I did a big no no and picked a color at night, without seeing it with the rest of our decor.  What was I thinking?  It never actually got to the color it was supposed to be, so after letting it dry we stripped the whole thing and started again.
And here is the end result.  We first picked out the paper at Urbanic, one of my favorite local paper shops.  We settled on the Koi pattern (the underside was this fun orange pattern) and a very light green paint.  To adhere the paper, I used several layers of Mod Podge to get it just right, and now, its even water proof.  And turns out everything went perfectly with our existing decor!  The husband snatched up that bronze whale at the LA flea market, and the 'water tray' is from Engage Green and is made from recycled paper.
Sorry for the dark shots, with only 1 window, lighting up this place is impossible!

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