Reclaimed beauties

Happy Friday friends!  This week has flown by and my to do list seems to have magically gotten longer over the last few days.  Seems I can't find a project I can say no to.  Oh well, at least the time goes by fast.  I have been on the hunt for a table top lamp for a while now, and have yet to come across the perfect one.  Although these beauties from Anzfer Farms are top contenders.  Made from wooden pieces that were found along the San Francisco shoreline, designers Jonathan Anzalone and Joseph Ferisso have given these once rotting pieces a second life.  With a candle like glow, these beauties come in two different wattages and your choice of frosted or clear bulbs.  Sadly I need something a little brighter... these eyes aren't getting any younger!
photos via anzfer farms

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anzfer said...

you can put a 40 watt frosted bulb in, which makes a great reading light but atmospherically it can be a bit bright on the eyes. Thanks for the post!!!