Learning from photography

Ah, another amazing interiors photographer's portfolio to drool over.  I just stumbled upon London based photographer Rachel Whiting's lovely shots and wow, does she have an eye for beautiful composition.  There is so much to gain from photographers, from color combinations to how to incorporate collections and knick nacks.  I'm sort of loving the use of suitcases in decor, not only are they pleasing to the eye, but you can use them to store all your miscellaneous do dads, and lets face it, we all have at least on junk drawer!!
I just love the lighting in these two images.  Having the pendants at two different levels makes for an eye catching scene over the dinner table.  And those low hanging pendants over the bed are a perfect substitute for table lamps on nightstands.
This one may not be a lovely interior, but what a great way to showcase a few fallen pieces from your yard.  Stacking a few colorful leaves and berries on a cake stand is such a simple yet festive way to spruce up a dessert table... just watch out for any creepy crawlies!
photos via rachel whiting 

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