Hipster hump day, The Cave

So in case you haven't notice, I am a bit of a hipster.  Yeah yeah, I admit it, the husband is too.  Heck, even our dog is, she has a hot pink quilted jacket with a hood.  Anyway, over the last few days the husband and I have spent way too long on You tube and Pandora searching fun new indie bands and new to us sounds.  I had heard of Mumford and Sons a while ago when their hit Little Lion Man came out, and loved them.  Such a different sound.  And then I found their newer (yet somehow still old) single, The Cave.  Love it.
I just love how bands are starting to bring back interesting music videos.  I just wish we didn't have to search hours to find them!  Each Wednesday is becoming hipster hump day around here, and let me tell you, there are some fun videos out there.  


Anna Elder said...

check out two door cinema club. i don't think it will disappoint.

Monica said...

Thanks! I like what I hear!