While I was away...

Last week, the husband and I took a sort of impromptu road trip throughout the West coast, something we both had been wanting to do for ages.  I had every intent to take pictures and blog every day, but did that happen.  Nope.  It was all just to pretty to spend wasting away in front of a computer screen.  So with no real plan or any reservations for sleeping arrangements, we set off in search of giant redwoods.

And we found em.  After a long drive along the coast, which I would highly recommend, we ended up just north of Eureka CA.  We pulled into this place after dark so we had no idea what it looked like, including the inside of our less then lovely cabin.  It was definitely a place where you didn't really want to touch a whole lot, but it was warm and dry.  And it had one heck of a view.  I was shocked to open our door and see this!  Our cabin was on the left, behind the caution tape.... classy.
After another long span of driving along Highway 101, we stopped of to stretch and I saw these cool mushrooms.  The night before we left, the husband surprised me with an early Christmas present and I got a new Cannon Rebel that is by far the clearest camera I have ever owned.  
We actually saw the end of a rainbow driving through Oregon.
Our second night was spent as an adventure.  We pulled into an RV park with our little Toyota Yaris and stayed the night in our car.  Yep, in the car in 32 degree weather.  It was actually a little fun, and when the manager woke us up at 7 am to tell us the bathroom entry code, I was one seriously happy camper!  But the views made it totally worth it.  We stayed near the Columbia River Gorge and if you are ever in Oregon, you have got to see it.  Simply breath taking.  We stopped of at the Multnomah Falls and climbed halfway up.  Even though I am afraid of heights, it was totally worth getting over my fears... although my knees were shaking! 
After another long span of driving, we ended in Portland and from there seemed to hit every vegan hot spot along the way.  It started with Jam on Hawthorne, one seriously delicious breakfast joint.  After a little antiquing, we stopped in to Back to Eden Bakery.  Oh my goodness, I have never had tastier vegan treats, so incredibly good.  We then took a quick spin through OMSI and then it was back on the road.

One night while we were walking around Seattle, we just happened to walk into a vegan bakery,  Flying Apron.  It must have been a sight to see as I realized it was a vegan spot, I think I even squealed with glee.  And of coarse, it wouldn't be a trip to Seattle without a shot of the Space Needle.  
This octopus was hanging out in the Seattle Aquarium.  I've always loved ocean animals, yet when I went snorkeling, I freaked out when a school of fish wanted to play.  Go figure.
It sure was a trip to remember, and after 1,927 miles, I just need a nap.

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Lee Nicholson said...

Those photos are great with the new camera! Sounds like an amazing road trip. Merriest of Holidays to you.