Beautiful inspiration

Its Friday again, doesn't it just seem like this month has flown by?  I swear I just celebrated New Years.  Now that things are starting to pick up around here, there just isn't enough hours in a day anymore.  With design consults, gardening and taking care of a household, I'm one busy lady.  But of course, never too busy to oh and aw over great interiors.

While perusing Agent Bauer I found interior stylist Lo Bjurulf and just love her creative direction.  Along with wonderful tablescapes, ads and vignettes, Lo creates wonderful interior spaces with several different looks.  I am sort of digging the monochromatic look of the white and pink rooms, although I don't think I could every live in a space like that.  How about you?  Be sure to check out the rest of Lo's portfolio, her spaces are worth the click!
I want this sofa!  Anyone recognize it from anywhere?  When we move to our permanent place, we are going to need to furnish a place again and would love love love something like that grey sofa.
And how fun is this little accent of blue?  I love adding small details like this, it give a different look while being totally simplistic.
photos via agent bauer

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