I wish I could do this

Sometimes I come across something that no matter how hard I might try, I will never get to look as good, and well, Glory from Glorious Treats is one amazing lady.  My mouth literary dropped when I came across her vintage pastel Christmas table. Can you say incredible?  I love that she used colors that don't necessarily reflect the holiday, but fit it perfectly.  And the detail in the treats.... oh my.

If this got your mouth watering, just check out the rest of her blog, you won't regret it.  Its a great stop for kitchen inspiration and good ol' eye candy.
photos via glorious treats


Erica said...

Those cookies are AMAZINGLY pretty! ...hmmm, the boyfriend just bought me a new snowflake cookie cutter...

Monica said...

Then you must try out something so pretty you don't want to eat it! I wish I could make treats this beautiful, happy baking.