Shannon Rankin

Now that things are starting to feel a bit more normal around here, I finally got a little me time on the computer over the weekend.  I stayed in bed all day Saturday to recoup from our New Years festivities, and boy did I need it.  I'm not a night owl so staying up till 3 really did a number on me... not to mention those darn vodka and ginger ales.

Anyway, while browsing, I came across the works of Shannon Rankin, an instillation artists inspired entirely by maps.  Her work is stunning, I wish I could see it in person.  Using different techniques to cut, crinkle, warp and even paint, Shannon creates a more 3 dimensional feel and recreates her rendition of said map.  Very cool if you ask me.  Aside from maps, Shannon also dabbles in beautiful 3d sculpture using wax, just look at the detail on the "Floret" (bottom right), all made from wax, pins and fiber on paper.
photos via shannon rankin 

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