Watching paint dry

So it seemed I jumped the gun on the whole 'I'm better' thing, I got sick again last week, making it an entire 10 days this month of sickness.  Fun fun.  At least it led to a little you tube time.

I am loving these tall paintings from artist Holton Rower out of New York.  It may be literally watching paint dry, but its totally worth it.  Holton, along with a design team, intricately pour gallons of paint over a standing structure and wait for gravity to do its job.  So cool!  Along with the painting structures, Holton also does a series of sculptures, paintings and slight oddities that are worth a browse through his portfolio.

I love how he uses different mediums, textures and shapes to create interesting pieces.  Totally loving his money collection, that money cyclone fence is amazing, I wonder how much it cost to make.

photos via holton rower

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