Dreaming through inspiration

With a sign of another move headed our way, furniture has been on the brain these last few days.  And with furniture, of course comes the decor.  I've been scouring the web for tidbits of pieces that I could only dream of owning, and today, I've focused on living rooms.  Do you ever just dream of living in photos?  I recently had friends stop by and after walking around, she exclaimed "people do live like this, I thought it was only in catalogs- everything's gorgeous!"  Score one for me.  Now the pressure is on to create it, all over again!

Anyway, these have all caught my eye in some way and thought I would share.  This first one, well, its easy.  I wouldn't change a thing about it, and if anyone knows where I could find that sofa, let me know!
How fun are these lanterns and flowers above this sofa/possible day bed.  Brings the eye up, a great way to use the space over such a low sofa.
I always dreamed of having a room that was a padded floor for lounging around.  I mean, come on, how awesome would it be to be laying right next to that pot of tea, gazing out the giant windows as you blog.  Simply fabulous. 
Again, me and my yellow kick. But I love the usage of older and modern items used together to create a seamless space.  
I want that chair.  Anyone know where its from... I need it.  I can't be 100% but is that hounds tooth painted on the floor.  If so awesome.   

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