Fun was had

Yesterday was spent browsing all the goods the Alameda antique fair had to offer.  From toys to clothes to odds and ends, there is always something fun to discover.  We even walked away with a plastic set of letters spelling out IF.  I love it, it really makes you think every time you look at it.  There were just so many good looking items, here were a few collections that caught my eye...
With a garden growing, these old faucets and nozzles are not only good looking, but they are still in perfect working condition.  I just love to be able to buy older items that actually work!  Although, these would look great in an old wire basket on display in the garden.
And these fire balls sure were interesting... filled with water, they seemed to be used to extinguish infernos, although I don't know how useful it is to throw a glass orb into a flame, broken glass sure isn't fun to clean up!
photos: monica nicholson, our designed life

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