Combining grads and kids

I don't know about you, but this week has gone by at lightning speed.  Seems I am barely staying afloat on everything that needs to get done, but one item I can cross off my list of to do's is all the crafting I had been doing for my younger cousins.  Yesterday was a super big day, one of my cousins graduated high school in Sacramento, and it was also her younger sister's 9th birthday.  Do you know how hard it is to come up with decor to fit both needs!?  After a week of debating whether or not to have fun decor, I was given two days (2!) to create everything.  And living in a new city with no paper or craft store easily accessible, it was tricky!  Not to mention my printer wanted to call it quits on me... turns out ink is a hard thing to come by in my area.

I ended up doing a variety of paper crafts for both girls, of course I tried to personalized them a little.  For the graduate, I made up a paper favor cone in her school colors, while for the younger option, I used a variety of balloons in a more matured color palette... she's no kid anymore!
I tried to incorporate each girls favorite treats into the mix, small pastel colored marshmallows look awesome in tiny bags with personalized wrappers.  And who doesn't love a little chocolate and peanut butter with a little balloon wrapping?  
This is the only shot I got of the table, unfortunately it didn't come out so great, but you get the idea!  I had also incorporated wrapped juice boxes for both girls, as well as small party boxes (see a similar tutorial here) that held the graduates favorite candy.  All in all, fun was had and I got tons of complements on the crafts.  And if you are wondering about that cake, the girls wanted to share one cake, so they had it made with two different sides, one for the grad and one for the birthday girl.
photos by monica for our designed life

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