Project 365, Week 17

What a week.  Spent many hours in the garden, taking care of a sick doggy and cleaning out cabinets and closets in preparation of our upcoming move.  How was your week?

9 years, 121/365
Today the husband and I have officially been together for 9 years.  Caught a quick glimpse at our old high school prom photos, not too much has changed {thankfully!}.  
New, 120/365
Got a set of bright orange metal drawers to use for setting up our new place.  Its going to get stripped and repainted, just haven't decided on a color yet.  Its going in a beige/yellow-ish room, what do you think?
Poor thing, 119/365
Uli woke up with a swollen and sick eye.  After a day of puffy gooeyness, a quick trip to the vet determined she had been stung by something on her eyelid.  A few days of Benadryl and she is finally back to normal.
Moldy, 118/365
Totally devastated.  Discovered that our emergency earthquake kit sprung a leak all over our vintage record player we used in our wedding.  So incredibly sad.
My friend, 117/365
Uli loves her new friend, the owl.  She will stare at it till we bring it down, and she just sleeps with it.  Odd little thing.
Spinning, 116/365
Haven't decided if we are going to take our record player/speaker system/fireplace to our new place.  Till then, I am enjoying spinning a few of my favorites.
Tops, 115/365


Lee Nicholson said...

LOVE your new blog header! So glad Uli is all better, poor baby. Where are you moving?

Monica said...

Thanks Lee!! Moving to San Francisco, right across the street from Golden Gate park. Its always been a dream for both my husband and I, so to finally do it feels so gratifying!