Project 365, Week 19

Thanks to my lovely move, I am a week behind in uploading my photos of the day, went about a week wondering where my camera cord was!  So, for week 19, we did a little snacking, unpacking and exploring our new city.
City life, 135/365
Took Uli out to Fort Funston, an off leash park right along the beach.  She had a blast, and got covered head to toe in sand.
 Chocolaty mint, 134/365
Nothing better then chocolate and mint in pretty colors.
 Unpacked, 133/365
Things are starting to look like normal around here.  Boxes are unpacked and my favorite pieces are finding their new homes.
 Phil Rocks, 132/365
Phil apparently rocked his socks off.
 Nature's candy, 131/365
 Up in the sky, 130/365
Sometimes I like to just look up and watch the clouds go by.
 Measurements, 129/365

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