Sf apartment, color update

I officially got the keys, all 7 of them!  Drove for the first time by myself to the city, figured I better get nice and used to it, to finish up all the loose ends of our new place and I was able to put a few things away.  This weekend is the big move, and I am beyond thrilled there is an elevator!  Do you know who hard it is to move a giant bed and sleeper sofa up a flight of stairs?  Did it once, hopefully never will again.  Anyway, I finally got to have alone time in our new space and discovered my new view from the kitchen, the Sutro Tower!  Now every time I am at the stove, this is what I get to see....
 The living room/dining area leading into the kitchen.  The walls are definitely more yellow then the color swatch online suggests.  Love the color!  Color, coconut milk, Devoe paint.
 The bathroom color contrast against a stark white trim.  What color do you think I should go with to contrast?  Color, shadow play; Devoe paint.
The bedroom color.  With the sun on a warm day it looks almost mauve, but on a grey day, like most out here, its a little darker.  Color, tumbleweed trail from Devoe paint.
 And I was even greeted with a brand new compost bin for the kitchen (the complex takes out the compost twice a week!) and two mugs with treats.  Its nice to have nice landlords.

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Alycia Wicker said...

Love ur colors and the view! Looks like you guys are making a nice life up there :)