Photo of the day, Week 22

Still catching up on all the photos of the day, man was I behind.  Its funny how your environment changes they style of photography you choose, I'm learning to get inspiration for everywhere!

Weathered 156/365
 We bike, 155/365
The table we found in Venice has gotten a new look up against our darker bedroom walls.  Turns out, we like this color, its in our prints, storage box, table and even my husbands cell phone holder {that book on top of the box}.
Bright and shiny, 154/365
Spiky, 153/365
 Worn, 152/365
Our new {totally used} tv cabinet.  Scored this baby from my parents, they found it at a garage sale with matching blue 12 drawer storage cabinet.  For free!  The husband added the castors to the bottom, another freebie found in a garbage pile.  Sometimes it pays to check out what others are just throwing away. 
 Growing walls, 151/365
 Mossy, 150/365


Emily said...

I love the yellow/wire photo! Is that a pieces of a table?

Monica said...

Thanks Emily! Its actually a super close up from a vintage scooter. I just loved the yellow