Letting it all out

I very rarely get personal around here, I like to keep things pretty and inspiring for everyone because lets face it, we all have enough woes in our lives.  But today, I would like to share something with you.  I hate exercising.  Always have and probably always will, and that's ok.  At least it was.  After my latest trip to the doctor a dose of realty hit the second I stepped on that dreaded scale.  I know what you're thinking, sure sure, we could all use a little tightening here and there, but lets be honest, who actually does something about it willingly and for longer then a week?  Well, as of a week ago, me.  At only 5' tall my current weight is just not acceptable and as my 2 year wedding anniversary is only  2 months away, these extra 20 pounds I 'happily gained' have got to go.  And nothing makes you want to stick to your plan then when others know about, so there it is.

Meet my new workout.  202 steps of fury that are sure to whip this body back into shape.  I recently found them in my neighborhood and with only a 3 block uphill trek I really don't have any excuse not to use them.  Right? Right.  And of course I know exactly how many steps I climb. 808 {I've managed 4 reps to start off with}.
And now that I have shared, I am going to hold myself to it.  I may stray, I may complain, I may even try to give up, but I am going to do this.  Have you been trying to get back on the exercising bandwagon but just can't keep up the motivation?  There really is nothing better then having others support you and I'm sure many of you can relate, exercise is hard enough sometimes you need a little cheerleader to help.  
I don't own a scale so hopefully it will help me not focus on a number and instead focus on becoming healthy and a week ago I took down all my measurements and put them away.  My goal is to get slimmer and healthy but most of all be happy with how I look and feel.  
Of course I am going to have days when I don't want to do a darn thing and the weather here can be tricky, but I've already got a plan! {See I really am trying!}  I'm going to mix up yoga, stair climbing, running and dance to shed away these pesky inches, and you know what, in the first week I've been moving I'm starting to see a difference.  Don't get me wrong, those cupcakes, cookies and ice cream will still have a place in my belly, just not in such high amounts and if I do partake in sweet goodness, you can bet I'll be doing an extra rep or two.
So there it is my friends.  I'm letting it out in the open and I am going to lose these pounds {but I might need a cheerleader here and there to keep me going!}

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