They are growing!

On Friday I went out to my parents house where we had planted 5 different tomato plants a few months ago and my oh my have they grown.  I planted 2 varieties of 'low acidic' tomatoes and so far so good on my tummy. I made Happy Herbivore's mock tuna salad and threw in a few of those yellow pear shaped ones...there really is no better flavor then homegrown tomatoes. Have you grown anything this year? Our garden has gone a bit awry but at least the tomatoes and artichokes are still growing strong. Growing up one of my all time favorite late summer snack was a tomato sandwich, but they had to be homegrown otherwise it just didn't taste the same. A few slices of tomatoes on a thin layer of mayo {or veganaise in my case} and a little salt and pepper, guys, you have to try it. And speaking of trying things out, I whipped up a batch of these fried green tomatoes for the husband and I. These were quite tasty, I ended up leaving these marinating in the beer a little long and the flavor was a bit strong but still very good. They disappeared just as fast as they were made!
photo by our designed life

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