2 years

Two years ago today this happened. 

The husband and I have had a wonderful weekend celebrating our 2 years of almost always wedded bliss {just keeping it real}. We spent the last few days doing a wee bit of shopping, trying out new recipes together in the kitchen, a trip to the zoo and a few rounds of fetch with the dog in the park. Its been nice just to spend time together hanging out and being able to enjoy each others company, its been a fun 9 and a half years together. We are planning a dinner out tonight to one of my favorite neighborhood restaurants, New Eritrea a family run place serving Eritrean and Ethiopian food. The flavors are out of this world, I could easily stop by every single weekend for their vegetarian platter. 


Sublime Dream said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! How was dinner!?

Monica said...

Thanks Jill! Dinner was fabulous as usual. Its a giant platter of yummy bits you get to eat with your hands and a sour dough tasting flat pancake like thing. Fantastic!