Delicate wrapping

This weekend I am heading out to a bridal shower in my hometown for my lovely and crafty cousin. After a little shopping trip I got a little creative with the gift wrap for the bride to be, its always funner when you know the recipient will truly appreciate the extra work. It took me a few attempts to get it to look just right and after having a lack of sticky enough tape I really had to get creative on how I was going to get fabric to stick to paper. I mixed a roll of paper with two different tulle fabrics to get the texture on the boxes and held it all together with Fabri tac. This stuff is so handy, I use it for everything! I also made a handful of fabric flowers and ribbon made with left over scraps from my wedding to tie it all together. I love how it came out, I just hope the bride does too.  Happy weekend friends!
photos for our designed life 


Sublime Dream said...

You MADE the flowers??? Did I just misunderstand? They are BEAUTIFUL! Good job! I love special wrapping like that. My sister used to do that all the time. She used to put gifts in the paper mache boxes from richards and wrap with art paper, crazy bows and ribbons and nick nacks. My favorites she ever did were decorated with peacock feathers and another with grapes. Beautiful! btw- WHO is getting married!?!?!?

Monica said...

Thanks Jill. The flowers are super simple, just synthetic fabric cut into circular/pedal like shapes. Then hold the edges of the fabric over a flame till they singe and curl. Easy peasy.
And its my younger cousin on my Dad's side, don't think you ever met her.