Make this, Autumn brittle

Oh my gosh, I need to make this. While searching for yummy goodness one night, I stumbled upon Adventures in cooking and literally started drooling. Written by Eva, an NBC Page and amazing cook, each post is filled with beautiful photography capturing delectable eats, just look at these guava filled shortbread cookies! Wowza right? But back to the brittle. Filled with good for you nuts and seeds its a candy that at least gives you a little nutrition along with all the sugary calories. I've always loved brittle but never dreamed of making it- while living in L.A I would get a bag of Pop Candy from the farmers market every now and then just to satisfy that need for candied goodness. But this recipe seems easy enough, I need to find a candy thermometer stat, cannot wait to give this a try.

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Sublime Dream said...

Sooo going to try this! I see the pumpkin seeds! Sooo good for you!!! Way high in iron. I love sweets that AT LEAST have sonething nutritionally great about them. Makes it not so bad splurging! :) thanks for scouting and sharing MokaChiki! ;)