Make this, A berry green smoothie

Last week I had mentioned to my Mom that I wanted a blender to make my own smoothies for breakfasts and a few hours later I had my own new smoothie making machine. Thanks Mom. The husband and I have already put it to use mixing up a batch of fresh fruits and veggies we picked up. Here is what we used for a scruptious and healthy afternoon snack.
A berry green smoothie
8 strawberries
5 figs
1 banana 
2 tbsp flax seed
3 big leaves swiss chard
large handful of spinach
1 tbsp honey
1/2 cup rice milk
We have also already tried mixing in yellow nectarines, ginger and kale, all just as yummy and healthy. I'm going to try to locate some acai and we have yet to mix in the red beets that looked too good to pass up. Smoothie making is just so creative!
photo for our designed life

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