Make this, Cookie edition

Now that I am back to eating whole foods again I can't seem to get enough to fill my belly. Though my sweet tooth has seemed to shrink {I'm totally shocked!} it didn't stop me from drooling over all of these delectable cookies that just so happen to also be vegan. Its funny, when people find out I don't eat meat they just assume snacks are only raw veggies or dried fruit and well, yes, I do snack on veggies and fruit but I will always hold a special place in my heart and stomach for a sweet snack here and there, and don't these look fabulous? Baking is one of my all time favorite things to do, there is something about throwing ingredients into a bowl and then the oven without knowing if they will actually turn out that just gets me so excited. Plus nothing is better in my opinion then a warm cookie right from the oven. So with that, here are a few that have my drooling over my computer: Pumpkin gingerbread cookies, Samoas bars, Shortbread cookies, Mexican hot chocolate snickerdoodles.
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Sublime Dream said...

Um... thanks... now I'm drooling all over MY computer! ;) lol I really like the gingerbread cookies! Reminds me of the sugar cookies my mom made for Halloween every year. She decorated them the same way! Wayyyyy back in the day I thought the same about Vegans- now I know way better than that! lol

Monica said...

Right!? I'm holding back whipping up a batch because I really really don't need a bunch of cookies hanging around but I'm sure Evan would take care of extras.

Sublime Dream said...

OR.... You could vaccum seal the "extras" and overnight them to Hawaii! Just a thought! ;)