Quick break for pie

Um, I think I need to bake a pie. I just stumbled across Family feedbag, a blog filled with made from scratch recipes for that down home cooking we all crave and this fall apple pie looks to die for! My husband has asked me why I still read blogs and watch shows that still incorporate meat in the dishes and plain and simple, everything can be adjusted and tweaked into an amazing vegetarian option. I've sort of made it my mission to supply our family with delicious and nutritious meals and have been finding amazing dishes to try out, plus, the waistline is thanking me. But back to this pie, yep, still feel like I need to make one.
photo via family feedbag

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Lori Anderson, Pretty Things said...

You had me at pie. My regular blog readers are very very very familiar with my predilection for pie. Pie is what makes a bad day a good one!