Make this, Vegan Thanksgiving

Around this time of year I always get asked what I can even eat for Thanksgiving and the answer is simple. Pretty much anything. Though I have been sick to my stomach the last two days, I'm finally better now- just in time to make 2 entire meals for tomorrow! With a big day of travel and two stops ahead, everything needs to be made in advance...I'm just glad I made the pie crust last week! So what's on the menu? We are starting off the day with a tofu scramble I like to throw together with whatever veggies are in the fridge and hash browns. Maybe a muffin or two. Then its on to a 2 and a half hour drive with a car filled with amazing scents. I will be making stuffing, steamed mashed cauliflower, a hippie loaf and gravy along with a pumpkin pie. All vegan!! Plus we will have baked yams and roasted veggies waiting upon our arrival {my Mom is the best}. I might just have to roll home after all that.

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