Getting in the decorating spirit

I got in a crafting mood yesterday and took a break from the normal gift giving crafting and made myself a little something. Though I love to admire holiday decor, the husband and I have agreed to keep everything minimal and not necessarily scream a certain holiday, plus when you live in apartments storage can be your worst enemy. So I decided to grab left over fabric from my wedding {I seriously misjudged when buying and ended up with almost 4 yards of gold!} and a ball of yarn and started shredding. Simple flags tied by simple yarn in almost the same color as our walls makes for a lovely addition. Have you made anything for you home?
 Found this vintage ornament at an antique fair here in San Francisco last year. Brought it home and the first thing my Aunt said, "I used to make those all the time" and then proceeded to show me how. Guess crafting runs in the family. Since we don't have a tree I threw a strand of lights into a clear cake dome and viola, a fun little display.
 I took this one last night right after I hung it. Its blurry but I still love it, shows the flags and just the right amount of sparkle.
photos by our designed life

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