Miniature lives

Don't you just love when something reminds you of another thing, which reminded you of yet another item? Confused? Let me explain. I came across these intricately awesome guerrilla gardening images thanks to the great minds over at Craft and fell in love immediately. I mean, flowers in an urban setting and miniature bits and pieces to go with it? Genius. The husband and I always dreamed of planning our own shenanigans throughout city streets, now I want to give it a whirl even more! Be sure to check out more from the talented Pothole gardener, just wish I was in London to catch these in action.
 found via craft, photos via the pothole gardener
And speaking of miniature, the pothole gardener with its small scenarios reminded me of artist Lisa Swerling's Glass Cathedrals. Each piece is its own little world and definitely tells its own story. My favorite, The world is  a scary place, but I have armbands. These are so fun to stare at in person, its easy to get lost in miniature land.
 photos via glass cathedral
photos via marwencol
Which led me to the final mini-movement, Marwencol. A while back the husband Netflix'd the movie, it was quite interesting to see what goes on in the mind of the creator. Each army soldier has its own back story filled with bloody battles, love tales and heart break. I would highly recommend checking out the movie. So, do you like things in the mini?

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