Pretty polish

I've been trying to rid our house of unnecessary toxins and one thing I was lacking on clearing out was my beauty regime. Thankfully with a cousin in the hair and cosmetic biz I'm now using vegan hair care products and makeup. And my hair and skin has never looked healthier. Vegan or not, we could all benefit from less chemicals leaching into our skin on a daily basis but often overlook our common products. And when I came across Zoya, a vegan nail polish I bookmarked it for all my future nail needs right away. The line is brilliantly colored with collections that will make your head spin. Its so nice to be able to have a slue of goodies to choose from, I think my favorite collection is wonderful, I'm a bit of a dark pigment kind of gal. If you are interested in updating your old makeup bag with a few more chemical free choices, I would highly recommend checking out Vegan beauty review for incredible reviews and giveaways.
images via zoya

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