Hollie Chastain

Happy first of February friends. Throughout the last few weeks I have been creating up a storm and bouncing ideas off everyone I talk to. Over the weekend the husband and I designed a patchwork of sorts blanket that I am now in the process of knitting... after figuring out how fast I am its going to take me at least 2 months! Hopefully I stick to it and actually finish, I don't know about you but I tend to never finish projects I start. And in true to me fashion, I've already got my next project on deck, a collage project for our heirloom seed container.
I love the look that a collage gives, not to mention its a great way to clear out your extra bits of paper, fabric and odds and ends. I came across these prints and cards from Tennessee artist Hollie Chastain and now the ideas are really flowing! I absolutely love how she creates her images mixing papers and pigment, its a very precise way to get in tiny detail. You can find Hollie's portfolio here as well as her Etsy shop here. Now to finish up the projects I've got going so I can start a new collage!
photos via hollie chastain

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