Valentines Card DIY

I've been a crafting machine as of late and have the paint and glue covered fingers to prove. Thanks to Pinterest I have been flooded with insane amounts of beautiful craftery {that's a word, right?} and after saying I can do that a few too many times I'm now actually doing it. 
With Valentines day less then a week away I figured I better get moving if I was to send anything to my dearies and came up with a somewhat quick embroidered card. I'm a total beginner when it comes to embroidery so it did take me one try before to get it right, but once you get the drawing right, its smooth sailing...unless you are like me and don't pay attention to the tread, had to deal with not 1 but 2 not so nice knots. 
To make an embroidered heart I used graph paper to lay out the stitches. I'll admit, I winged it since I've never actually tried this before but after a few attempts was pretty happy with this shape. After you figure out the shape you want, use a needle to punch a hole on each of the points.
I started off at the bottom and worked my way up from the bottom left corner to the top right of each box. That is until about half way, I somehow switched it but whatev's it still worked out perfectly. On the backside it looked pretty clean but I decided to add a piece of gray paper to cover the stitching since I had 3 nice knots. Even with the few attempts before hand, this is a rather quick craft even for those who haven't picked up a needle and thread. Promise.
photos for our designed life

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