Hand made

Boy the weekends sure seem to go by fast don't they? After realizing last week I had yet to stop by the SF flower mart, the husband decided to take me on Saturday, I don't know if it was the rain or the day but it was a bit of a bummer. Don't get me wrong, I love scouring through buckets of buckets for the perfect blooms, but the options were just a bit sad. So I made my own, flowers that is. I've got grand plans for these, but with many many hours in my future before its done {each petal is hand painted!}, I thought I would share a quick look. What do you think? Now, to find a big enough vessel for my giant blossoming branches I picked up....
photo by our designed life


christine said...

So pretty!!! And they will never wilt!!

Monica said...

That's the hope, I would love to constantly have fresh flowers but boy are they pricey around here!